Free Showers for Homeless in Guerneville

For years we would weekly go out to Guerneville and open the Veteran's Building in order to provide showers and a meal to not only the Veteran's in the area but the homeless as well. Due to the Coronavirus of 2020 this task has been adopted by the West County Health Services.
Volunteers with County Supervisor Efren Carrillo
Where it's apparent that we are appreciated!

Support for Clean River Alliance

Many thanks to Sonoma County Vets Connect for all they do for Vets and Homeless in our community; and for supporting Clean River Alliance with a $500 grant to help our efforts to keep our river clean, to educate our homeless about a clean camp and helping us clean up and take care of our Russian River.

In the last year the people living without homes have staged over 55,000 pounds of trash for us to pick up on Thursdays from Guerneville to Healdsburg. We have seen a dramatic decrease in the amounts of trash we see in camps and on our beaches.

Wednesday Night Market Santa Rosa


Outreach at Santa Rosa Veterans Building

9A-12P every Tuesday

Dr Nagra's Annual Christmas Lunch
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